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The Charity

Le Cure de France is raising money to support the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, based at the Royal Marsden Hospital.

With your help, it is our intention to create a number of Research Fellowships to carry out innovative research to help beat cancer faster.

The Royal Marsden is a leading hospital worldwide for treating a wide range of cancers, with over 50,000 patients treated each year, and a world class research centre. Over 300 patients are treated on Phase 1 drug trials every year, while 282 peer-reviewed publications were generated by the Biomedical Research Centre during 2013/14.

As the understanding of cancer has grown it has become clear that there is no single magic bullet for cancer.  There are many different types and sub-types of cancer, all with individual characteristics, so the importance of targeted, even personalised, treatments is becoming more evident.  As breakthroughs are made, so the need for greater funding grows to enable more research and more clinical trials.

Le Cure de France came about because of breast cancer and so our first Le Cure de France Research Fellowship was specifically aimed at improving the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.  Over time the hope is that our research fellowships will benefit a wide range of cancer patients.

With your help the team at the Royal Marsden can do more research to help finding a cure for many different types of cancer a reality.

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