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Tuesday evening. En route to stage 1

So… We’ve landed in Geneva and just about got everyone and their luggage on the coach. Modane and stage 1 is looming. Spirits are high, having been fuelled by a couple of beers at Heathrow. And maybe one or two on the flight. We will feel them in the legs tomorrow but right now, they have taken the edge off the apprehension. Which is building. Straight out of the blocks tomorrow, a 56km climb to the highest pass in the Alps – the Col d’Iseran.

Not much else to report. Michael hasn’t had a puncture yet (that we know of); and it would appear everyone has made the flight this year (Matt is learning his lesson). Mark S is flexing his chat up lines on Claire who is too jet-lagged to fight them off.  But I’m not sure how successful it is…  There is an air of anticipation. There will definitely be bike tinkering, energy gel selection, and maybe even some leg shaving from the keener bunch later this evening.

Of more importance, we’ve raised over £271,000 so far this year.

Until tomorrow.


(below – Mark’s net result; the flight to Geneva; and pre-flight beers – Matt, John and Michael)









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