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Tom’s Tips – Descending

Although it’s the going up that’s probably the cause of most people’s fear right now, cornering on descents shouldn’t be under-estimated and an over-cautious strategy isn’t necessarily the most sensible approach. The following pointers should help you descend smoothly with confidence:

  1. Sighting: It’s natural to look 10-20m infront of you especially when you’re being cautious on the bike, try to avoid this and sight the corners well in advance, thinking about what line you’re going to take
  1. Braking: Do all your braking before you start to turn; your ability to turn reduces as you brake and you want to concentrate on your line rather than how fast you’re going
  1. Pedals: Make sure your inside pedal is up to shift your centre of gravity and eliminate the risk of catching it on the road in the turn
  1. Confidence: Easier said than done, but tensing up on corners will limit your ability to turn

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