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  • Tiffany Farish

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Tiffany will be helping the Le Cure 2023 Curistas team cycle 433 kilometers and climb 8,675 vertical metres.

Since starting Le Cure, Tiffany has helped Curistas cycle the equivalent of the height of Mount Everest 6.47 times, and around the m25 10.84 times! That's 57,234 vertical metres and 2,039 kilometres.

Le Cure Highlight:

The highlights definitely include watching Curistas giving their all, whether to reach the top of a mountain or to celebrate at the bar. And being part of the support crew is very rewarding.

Toughest Moment:

There have been too many to answer in the singular and they have rarely been as fleeting as a moment. Le Cure often requires you to dig deeper than you think can.

Top Tip

Prepare for extremes: both temperatures and emotions. Listen to the briefings. And don't ignore the beautifully painted pink arrows.

Tiffany's awards:

Cols Tiffany will be climbing in the upcoming Le Cure event:

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