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  • Simon Poole

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Le Cure Curista Profile - Simon Poole

Simon has participated in:

  • Simon Poole

  • Vétéran

Since starting Le Cure, Simon has cycled the equivalent of the height of Mount Everest 1.13 times, and cycled around the m25 2.41 times! That's 10,034 vertical metres and 453 kilometres.

Cycling Experience:

I cycled the first RideLondon 100 in 2013 but there were no mountains and since then I have done little cycling.

Biggest Fear:

The greatest challenge is to complete the route on four successive days with no rest in between. Normally after a hard ride I take a day or two to rest.

Reason For Doing This:

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers and several friends and family have suffered from it in recent years. Real progress is being made in cancer treatment through the dedicated work of research teams with many new and innovative approaches being developed. The money raised from Le Cure goes directly to one of the leading cancer research teams without any administration or fundraising costs.

Cols Simon has climbed since starting Le Cure:

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