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  • Quinton Goddard

  • Débutant
Le Cure Curista Profile - Quinton Goddard
  • Quinton Goddard

  • Débutant

Quinton will be participating in Le Cure 2022 and will attempt to cycle 443 kilometers and climb 9,345 vertical metres.

Cycling Experience:

Ive been cycling for about 15 years now and done a number of sportives, the toughest being the 2016 Étape du Tour. No stranger to mountains but my body is better suited to grinding across Belgium cobbles than alpine passes.

Biggest Fear:

Bonking on Mt Ventoux and realising I’m out of jelly babies.

Reason For Doing This:

Cancer sucks, it sucks big time, so if this raises a little money then great. I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid cancer for now, though it has affected members of my close family. For me personally my biggest battle has been with mental health issues, my bike is a place of refuge, salvation, and suffering. I hope cycling which has helped me so much can raise a little money to help others. Ex Duris Gloria

Cols Quinton will be climbing in the upcoming Le Cure event:

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