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  • Matt Born

  • Débutant
Le Cure Curista Profile - Matt Born
  • Matt Born

  • Débutant

Matt will be participating in Le Cure 2022 and will attempt to cycle 453 kilometers and climb 10,034 vertical metres.

Cycling Experience:

I used to go on cycling holidays.
That was 40 years ago.
Since then ... not so much.

Biggest Fear:

Going uphill. Going downhill. Clip in pedals. Lycra. Traffic. Modes of transport with only 2 wheels. I could go on ...

Reason For Doing This:

Hmmmm.... good question. I'm having a mid life crisis, seems the obvious answer. More pertinently, my Mum - who was a GP - died a few years ago from cancer. My Dad, who also died around the same time, was a pharmacologist who, towards the end of his life, started some interesting research into cancer. I like a challenge and it feels like a small tribute to my folks and a very good cause.

Cols Matt will be climbing in the upcoming Le Cure event:

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