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  • Louise Farrer

  • Vétéran
Le Cure Curista Profile - Louise Farrer

Louise has participated in:

  • Louise Farrer

  • Vétéran

Since starting Le Cure, Louise has cycled the equivalent of the height of Mount Everest 1.37 times, and cycled around the m25 2.03 times! That's 12,097 vertical metres and 382 kilometres.

Cycling Experience:

I owned a bike when I was a child. Keen spin class attendee. I sit next to my husband watching the Tour De France on TV.

Biggest Fear:

Going up hills. Closely followed by going down hills.

Reason For Doing This:

It's five years since I was treated for Breast Cancer by the amazing team at the Royal Marsden and I wanted to do something that would help raise money for this wonderful charity.

Cols Louise has climbed since starting Le Cure:

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