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  • Helena Marshall

  • Vétéran
Le Cure Curista Profile - Helena Marshall

Helena has participated in:

  • Helena Marshall

  • Vétéran

Since starting Le Cure, Helena has cycled the equivalent of the height of Mount Everest 2.76 times, and cycled around the m25 4.09 times! That's 24,458 vertical metres and 769 kilometres.

An enthusiastic amateur who will pedal to the very end.

Cycling Experience:

I stopped using stabilisers 36 years ago and have gone from strength to strength since then.... I now stay upright without them!

This is my biggest challenge to date. I am still dining out on the fact I got up Ditchling without crying or swearing (much!)

Biggest Fear:

1.Using the wrong break going down hill at speed.... I might have to label them! 2. The bar being closed by the time I get there!

Reason For Doing This:

Spreading the word and raising as much money as possible for this incredible cause.

Helena's awards:

Cols Helena has climbed since starting Le Cure:

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