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  • Heiko Bammann

  • Débutant
Le Cure Curista Profile - Heiko Bammann
  • Heiko Bammann

  • Débutant

Heiko will be participating in Le Cure 2023 and will attempt to cycle 451 kilometers and climb 9,060 vertical metres.

Cycling Experience:

Started at the tender age of five on my small village road in the north of Germany. The cobble stones didn't help (...). OK: I have been cycling my entire life mainly for commuting purposes and for pleasure. A crazy guy from Luxembourg introduced me to more "serious" road cycling in 2013. However, only in 2015 I purchased my beloved Venge, took it to Barbados worked and cycled there for four years. Back in Rome (in 2019), I am doing some nice rides with "Serie B" since - mad traffic and roads!

Biggest Fear:

Fear? After "growing up" on Bajan and Italian roads!? I have huge respect for the distance and altitude we have to cover and the heat we are likely going to experience. Fear? That I may not to like to drink a beer anymore at the end of a cycling day.

Reason For Doing This:

I have lost too many close people to cancer recently.... To pay my respect and tribute to these lost friends and contribute to funding cancer research, while being able to cycle with a great group of fellow cyclist through one of the most beautiful places on earth..

Cols Heiko will be climbing in the upcoming Le Cure event:

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