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  • Cathy Merry

  • Débutant
Le Cure Curista Profile - Cathy Merry
  • Cathy Merry

  • Débutant

Cathy will be participating in Le Cure 2023 and will attempt to cycle 451 kilometers and climb 9,060 vertical metres.

Cycling Experience:

Very limited indeed! I own a bike but, as a keen swimmer, I am very much a fish out of water when I'm on two wheels.

Biggest Fear:

Going up hills!!

Reason For Doing This:

When I first heard about Le Cure in 2016 I took my hat off to all the Curistas brave enough to take it on to support the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. Three years ago my world was turned upside down with my own breast cancer diagnosis and as I continue to navigate all that that entails, Le Cure has become very personal. For a non-cyclist, it still looks like the craziest challenge I have ever seen but if I can do one small thing to help anyone coming along with a diagnosis after me, I will.

Cols Cathy will be climbing in the upcoming Le Cure event:

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