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Le Cure Curista Profile - Tom Beard

Tom has participated in:

  • Tom Beard

  • Vétéran

Since starting Le Cure, Tom has cycled the equivalent of the height of Mount Everest 4.09 times, and cycled around the m25 6.20 times! That's 36,214 vertical metres and 1,166 kilometres.

The old Curista

Le Cure Highlight:

Beer at the top of Alpe d'Huez

Toughest Moment:

Cycling down Alpe d'Huez after beer

Top Tip

Familiarise yourself with some local phrases: Où est le Bar du Sport Je suis perdu! Pouvez-vous me conduire à l'hôtel Mes freins ne fonctionnent pas, aidez s'il vous plaît ....have all proven useful.

Tom's awards:

Cols Tom has climbed since starting Le Cure:

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