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Le Cure Curista Profile - Anneliese Day

Anneliese has participated in:

  • Anneliese Day

  • Vétéran

Since starting Le Cure, Anneliese has cycled the equivalent of the height of Mount Everest 1.40 times, and cycled around the m25 2.06 times! That's 12,361 vertical metres and 387 kilometres.

Cycling Experience:

Patchy pre and zero post children. Loved getting fit again through spinning at Digme. Inspired to get on my bike by the Curistas and all the wonderful people involved in this amazing charity

Biggest Fear:

Going downhill and falling off (spot the newbie)

Reason For Doing This:

Seeing Marianne survive and have her own children Seeing others leaving their children behind after enduring so much pain Hoping one day we can beat this horrible disease, the big C

Anneliese's awards:

Cols Anneliese has climbed since starting Le Cure:

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