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  • Allen Morgan

Le Cure Curista Profile - Allen Morgan
  • Allen Morgan

Cycling Experience:

I've been cycling since 2015 and by the time I received my diagnosis of cancer in late 2017 I was quite an accomplished cyclist, having ridden hills, mountains and long long distances (at this point up to 600km). I lost a lot of fitness with the radiotherapy and then during Covid I cycled with my daughters and lost more or less all the rest of my fitness. I can now ride long distances still, but not up very much!

Biggest Fear:

That I'll regret cycling to the alps and the 800k journey will be too much by the time I start trying to go up and down stuff.

Reason For Doing This:

My first reason is for the wonderful work Royal Marsden do for cancer patients and their families. Secondly I lost a good friend Pat Pasquil to cancer earlier this year. And lastly for myself. I have an incurable type of cancer for which I'll be monitored for the rest of my life and am under care of a great team at the Royal Marsden.

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