Revolutionising Breast Cancer Testing

By supporting Le Cure de France, you have invested in The Royal Marsden’s research which aims to develop innovative, personalised treatment for women with breast cancer in the UK and world-wide. As of March 2015, Dr Charlotte Fribbens was appointed to the post and she is currently working on the ABC BIO (Advanced Breast Cancer Biopsy) trial.

The ABC BIO Trial

Breast cancers release DNA into blood, which can provide information on genetic mutations present in cancer patients. This trial aims to demonstrate that simple blood tests can replace invasive tumour biopsies to manage the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. This would mean the progress of the treatment could be evaluated more frequently and changes in therapy could be made before the disease becomes life-threatening.

The trial is recruiting up to 500 women with advanced breast cancer. One single tumour biopsy taken from each patient will be tested for HER2 status and up to 50 possible genetic mutations. The patient’s blood will be tested at the same time to see whether researchers can use the information gained to identify the best treatment for the patient. The results will provide a better understanding of the genetic make-up of breast cancers, while providing gentler, more personalised, and effective treatment for patients.

Pat Glover ABC BIO Trial Participant

Pat Glover ABC BIO Trial Participant

One of the ABC Bio trial’s participants is Pat Glover. Pat (pictured), who is 65, was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1988, when she was 37. She has been under the care of The Royal Marsden ever since. About her involvement with the trial, she said: “As a retired nurse, I know how important medical research is…When I first started nursing in the 1960s, cancer treatment was totally different to what it is now. As research has developed over the years, trials such as this one are made possible by The Royal Marsden, and bring new hope for those diagnosed with cancer.”

The Clinical Research Fellow

The ABC BIO trial has the real potential to significantly and immediately change the lives of women world-wide. Our leading-edge clinical trials and remarkable research would not be possible without our Fellows.


Dr Charlotte Fribbens & Dr Nick Turner

Your generous contribution is funding a two-year Fellowship that plays a crucial role supporting the ABC BIO research team. Dr Fribbens (pictured with Dr Nicholas Turner) is contributing to the most fundamental aspects of running a research practice, such as establishing best practice, ethical approval, and trial monitoring. “This is a particularly exciting role for me,” says Dr Fribbens, “as I wanted to be involved with an area of research advancing the personalised approach for breast cancer patients and bringing this research into clinical practice. [The trial] has the potential to benefit patients today and in the future, and we wouldn’t be able to do any of this without Le Cure de France funding.”

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