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  • Prepare for Battle…

    Below Simon sets out his recommendations on what to take on a long cycling trip! 1. Eating & drinking. Everyone has different approaches, but long rides are tough on the body… Read more

  • Ride London – Congratulations!

    Chapeau to the members of the Le Cure de France team who battled through miserable conditions to complete the Ride London event around London and Surrey on Sunday. David Sanderson,… Read more

  • Tom’s Tips – Descending

    Although it’s the going up that’s probably the cause of most people’s fear right now, cornering on descents shouldn’t be under-estimated and an over-cautious strategy isn’t necessarily the most sensible… Read more

  • No Time for Hill Training?

    Kelsey found a way to train for an Alpine cycle while organising a wedding and buying a house…  This summer my (now) husband and I decided to have our wedding… Read more

  • Have you had a Bike Fit?

    Apparently, and we know this sounds strange, it’s essential to have your bike set up properly – and learn how to pedal it! The good people at Pearson Cycles on the… Read more

  • Dan Defeats Ditchling

    The photo of a disconsolate Dan Shute holding up the traffic as he trudged to the top of Ditchling Beacon back in May became something of a pin up for… Read more

  • Bicycles, Donations and Marriages

    We would like to take the opportunity to wish our very own Simon and Kelsey (above) and Tom and Suze (below) congratulations on their recent, amazing weddings! What’s more, their generous guests… Read more

  • London to Brighton Training Ride

    If anyone lucky enough not to be working on Monday 4th August is interested, a few of the team are planning to cycle from London to Brighton to put a few… Read more

  • Thanks!

    We wanted to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has sponsored Le Cure de France so far – £13,000 and counting has already been raised for breast cancer… Read more

  • Julian Scales Box Hill

    Two witnesses saw Julian Post reach the summit of the mighty Box Hill on Thursday.  He defied doubters by making the 2.5km, 5% ascent without a rest. Baby steps…