Le Cure has so far raised enough money to create three “Le Cure” Research Fellowships at the Royal Marsden.  We have raised over £800,000 over three gruelling cycle rides up the Tour de France’s iconic mountain climbs. We are doing it again for a 4th year in 2016 and need your help to raise funds for vital research into personalised treatments for women with breast cancer.

Research supported so far:


  • Aims to demonstrate that simple blood tests can replace invasive tumour biopsies
  • Breast cancer DNA in the blood, can provide information on specific genetic mutations
  • Potential to revolutionise diagnosis and treatment of the disease
  • Initial results are very promising

POETIC 2 Trial        

  • Developing a mechanism to detect cancers which will become resistant to treatment
  • Use a “window of opportunity” prior to surgery to test tumours’ response to drugs
  • Based on those results start drug treatments as soon as possible
  • We expect this to reduce the number of patients in whom the disease will reappear after surgery and ultimately save those women from dying of breast cancer

Can ctDNA help us identify who needs post-operative chemotherapy?

  • Establish whether DNA in blood following surgery can predict cancer recurrence
  • Sampling blood from 500 patients taken at the right treatment point in 2003
  • Testing will use the Illumina MiniSeq machine funded by Le Cure
  • Establish if no trace of DNA means that the patient could potentially avoid chemotherapy
  • If successful this trial will change clinical practice globally


If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact

Kathleen Bice 020 7811 8275 or Kathleen.Bice@rmh.nhs.uk.